A full length piece for Polish Dance Theatre

The Outline (Polish Dance Theatre ATELIER)

Choreography: Karolina Wyrwal
Music: Paul Tinsley (
Set design and costumes: Zofia Jakubiec
Assistant of a choreographer: Urszula Bernat & Zofia Jakubiec
Duration: 25 minutes
Dance: Urszula Bernat, Zofia Jakubiec, Katarzyna Kulmińska, Kornelia Lech, Paweł Malicki, Jacek Niepsujewicz, Tomasz Pomersbach
Premiere: 26.06.2010

Inspired by the work of Joanna Beckwith Obuchowicz

“Loneliness right at your fingertips or breathing heavily in a shell fitting closely to the non-existing? whom are you going to invite into the circle? whom will you allow to trap you and where are the keys?”

Joanna Beckwith Obuchowicz – Poet

Review excerpt:

“What is privacy? What is loneliness? Why is it so important to distinguish between them? The Outline is a performance about loneliness as an inevitable consequence of relations between humans who engage too much or too little. That’s why you retreat into privacy, you hide your most secret and vulnerable emotions – and you realize rather too late that, by trying to mark boundaries between yourself and others, by looking for a safe shelter, you actually wrap yourself up in cotton wool. And it is not easy to break free: the longer we stay wrapped up the more difficult is to get out. Very often, if you keep it that way far too long, your shell of loneliness will seem to you to be the only place on Earth where you can live – no matter how stuffy, cramped and limited it is. No matter how solitary.”

mmpoznan, Lilia Łada, 27/06/2010

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