A full length piece for Polish Dance Theatre

Solo na Dwie Osoby  (Polish Dance Theatre ATELIER )

choreography: Karolina Wyrwał
scenography: Karolina Wyrwał
music: Paul Tinsley (
duration: 25 minutes
dance: Katarzyna Kulmińska, Karolina Wyrwał, Paweł Malicki
premire: 26.06.2009

Review excerpt: Two misterious woman

…The most interesting premiere of Friday night was Karolina Wyrwal’s short performance “Solo for two people”. The piece develops an interaction between two mysterious woman, using a curtain to interestingly reveal new details and changes of emphasis. Events are taking place simultaneously, while one improves their beauty before the mirror, the other performs an purposefully indulgent erotic dance in front of three men. The dancers movements were purposeful and controlled, executing and communicating the narrative beautifully. In the final scene, like the characters from Bergman’s “Persona” the two people become one, performing a solo dance – together. While the acting was very strong, delivering large doses of humor and despair in equal measure, the innovative use of space and props resulted in a thoroughly entertaining performance.

Jacek Sobczyński, Polska Głos Wielkopolski, 01-07-20


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