A full length piece for Polish Dance Theatre

DOUBLE TROUBLE  (Polish Dance Theatre ATELIER)

choreography: Karolina Wyrwał
sound programming/music: Paul Tinsley (
set design/costumes: Zofia Jakubiec
lights: Arkadiusz Kuczyński
duration: 25min
dancers: Urszula Bernat i Katarzyna Kulmińska

trailer by Jagoda Chalcinska (Jago VJ,

Review excerpt:

“Double Trouble” is not just another “easy, light and pleasant” dance history. It is profoundly thought, consequent reckoning with digital world and apparent independence, which turns out to be just a mirage, when there is nobody to whom we can manifest this independence.

Karolina Wyrwał’s “Double Trouble” composes itself perfectly in postmodern thinking of art and contemporary world. In this spectacle music – or rather mixing the samples composed by Paul Tinsley – is the key.
By the manipulation of sound cubes dancers are triggering off sound phrases and ending the others. Sometimes harsh, vibrant sounds, organising themselves into a dodecaphonic chain, are accompanying us from the beginning to the very end. Sometimes interrupted by only a single melodic phrase, just to go back to its dehumanized, technical tone.

In such sound structure must the dancers find themselves. They’re trying to define them through the sounds made by small cubes, always ruled by “this other one”. This dance is not a dialogue of two people, it is rather a tale of aiming to know the limits of domination and curiosity of what could occur if keep pushing forward. But what will happen when during all those attempts the batteries runs out? “

[Radek Rakowski,, 25.02.2012]

Double Trouble – choreography Karolina Wyrwal from Karolina Wyrwal on Vimeo.


INSPIRATION: The initial inspiration for this show was the work of American artist Barbara Kruger associated with conceptualism and “involved art”. In her collages Kruger presents images of heroes of the collective imagination reprinted from newspapers and adds to them provocative subtitles, for example “not stupid enough” in the picture of a grinning Marilyn Monroe.

Manipulation, play and puzzle are the key words connecting Karolina Wyrwał’s performance with the works of Kruger. The author of Double Trouble asks to what extent the current fashion, personal beliefs and preferences change the image of what we see. Is it possible to find a common denominator? If two people are looking at the same object, do they see the same thing?

Double Trouble uses “smart wireless” cubes which control and create live sound. Manipulated by the gestures and movement of the dancers, they create a unique musical interface.
“Smart wireless” cubes were designed in Belgium by Bert Schiettecattedo to work with live performance and production software (such as Ableton Live). They are a type of electronic instruments consisting of a collection of wireless intelligent objects that can detect each other’s position and orientation. Normally used by DJs, Double Trouble will mark their first appearance in theatre.

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