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The idea for the video was to create our own artistic document of personal plastic usage. Not a critique as such. More an acknowledgement of how damn useful plastic can be, how beautiful along with how permanent and problematic. We collected all our personal plastic for a 2 month period. We filled a room. It was a massive and sobering amount. We used most of it in the video. 


VOLTO UMANO Cie Toula Limnaios

Volto Umano reveals human weakness, thus aiming straight into the heart of the present gradually distancing itself from humanity. it reveals the hubris of humans. 

konzept/ choreographie: toula limnaios
musik; ralf r. ollertz

‘Fin’ Amor’ Karolina Wyrwal & KIOSK RUCHU

Fin’ Amor” jest krótką historią spotkania dwojga kochanków i ich wyobrażeń o miłości idealnej. Spektakl inspirowany średniowieczną legendą o Tristanie i Izoldzie powstał we współpracy Krzysztofa Lubki (Teatr Tańca Kiosk Ruchu, Szczecin) z Karoliną Wyrwał (Cie Toula Limnaios, Berlin). Muzykę do tego projektu skomponował brytyjski artysta Paul Tinsley, a o oprawę graficzną zadbał Michał Szyksznian.

Concept | Dance | Creation : Karolina Wyrwal & Krzysztof Lubka
Music: Paul Tinsley
Costumes | Set design: Michal Szyksznian
Photography: Jakub Bessarab (Photographica Nova)

BLACKPITCH ‘divebomb

A collaboration with electronic music artist BLACKPITCH as a music video producer, director & choreographer.

  • Produced/ Concept / Choreography – Karolina Wyrwal
  • Performer – Marcin Motyl
  • Camera – Clemens Kahlke
  • Animation – Creative Arthur
  • Costume Alterations – Klaus Bergmann

‘WUT’ cie Toula Limnaios

“wut” ist ein Stück über Erschütterung und Protest. Es stürzt in eine Welt von Widersprüchlichkeiten und zutiefst empfundener Unruhe. Eine Choreographie einer unterschwellig vibrierenden Heraufbeschwörung und gleichzeitig etwas fiebrig Glühendes, die eine existentielle Reibung, eine aufbrechende Wunde, ein Aufwallen der Wut verkörpert.

konzept/ choreographie: toula limnaios
musik; ralf r. ollertz

‘Momentum’ cie Toula Limnaios

»momentum« is a series of episodes instead of a single and coherent story. autonomous fragments representing the little, inconspicuous mysteries of daily life, which we choke on or draw our desires from: short moments, simple forms that can be absurd or poetic and illuminate our lives. moments of particular intensity.

konzept/ choreographie: toula limnaios
musik; ralf r. ollertz

‘The thing I am’ cie Toula Limnaios

The new piece reflects primal human characteristics. Pain and passion belong to our strongest emotions and comprise tremendous energies. They can be a driving force, as well as a trigger of tragedies and have always mirrored human desires and abysses.

konzept/ choreographie: toula limnaios
musik; ralf r. ollertz

Concept/ Choreography: Toula Limnaios
Music*: Ralf R. Ollertz
Dance/ Creation: Giacomo Corvaia, Jozsef Forro, Marika Gangemi, Samuel Minguillon, Hironori Sugata, Karolina Wyrwal, Inhee Yu, Ann-Christin Zimmermann
Lighting Design: Jan Langebartels
Stage/ Costumes: Antonia Limnaios/ Toula Limnaios

Projeto SOLO by Keren Chernizon

Projeto Solo – created by Brazilian photographer Keren Chernizon, currently based in Berlin – talks about the presence and the action in public spaces. By allowing rhythms and textures of the city spaces to inform and influence the process of making dances in the urban context, this project is an invitation to observe through artistic images the dynamics between the body and the environment, exploring the contrast that exist between the rigidity of the architecture of the city and fluidity of dance.

Concept & Cinematography:  Keren Chernizon (
Dance/Choreography: Karolina Wyrwal


<Rough Image> – A short study into the external factors that affect how people act and behave. Inconsistencies between our personal inner beliefs and our actual public actions can be influenced by elements both within and beyond our control. These influences impact heavily on our behavior and change the way we conduct ourselves publicly, sometimes in complete contradiction to our indented beliefs.

Concept & Story by Jagoda Chalcinska & Karolina Wyrwal
Directed by Jagoda Chalcinska (
Choeography by Karolina Wyrwal (
Camera, Editing & Post Production by Jagoda Chalcinska
Music by Paul Tinsley (‘Heavy, Light, Heavy’) (
Dancers: Urszula Bernat-Jalocha & Karolina Wyrwal
Year of completion: 2013
Lenght: 1 min
Country of production: Poland

Front Row Society presents Leggings in Motion 

Fun, fun, fun: Front Row Society teamed up with choreographer Kiani del Valle, dancers Amit Preisman and Karolina Wyrwal and motion designer Antonio Pedro to produce this awesome contemporary dance film. The leggings featured in this video are by FRS designers, Ivano Tella, Tânia Ramos, Marta Balcerzak, Budi Kwan, Ana Matias and Sofia Brajal.


‘Blood Visuals’ is a short story created in collaboration with Polish VJ artist: Jago VJ (Jagoda Chalcinska). Her live VJ sets are exclusively based on her own video material. Her motion pictures raise the mood of music and iintensify the senses, turning concerts into an audiovisual spectacles. Jago’s dreamy compositions unwind on the screen inviting the viewer into a fantasy world of visual delight pulsing with colors and alternate dimensions.

concept/camera/lights/edit/effects: Jago VJ (
dancers: Karolina Wyrwal & Ula Bernat

music: Mooryc “elevators” (excerpt)

K7! Brandt Brauer Frick feat. Om’mas Keith – Plastic Like Your Mother (Official Video)

‘Plastic Like Your Mother’, featuring Om’mas Keith, is the first single from Berlin’s trio Brandt Brauer Frick’s new album Miami, out March 2013 on !K7 Records. For their latest video this German experimental techno trio have strapped cameras to the heads of 28 dancers and let them loose. The video was produced by Park Bennett Film & directed by Julian Schleef & Daniel Brandt himself. The choreography for 28 dancers was created by a dancer & choreographer Kiani Del Valle.

Directed by Daniel Brandt & Julian Schleef
Producer: Yvonka Groeger
DOP Richard G. Brzozowski
Choreography by Kiani Del Valle
Concept by Daniel Brandt

Brandt Brauer Flick:

Matters Not (Official music video) by Grabek

Grabek – A violin, a laptop, a sequencer, a looper, a voice and great imagination – this is very briefly GRABEK – a solo project of a multi-instrumentalist with no respect for musical genres. Already after his debut EP ‘mono3some,’ published in 2009, he instantly became one of the most enthusiastically welcomed guests at the nationwide Radio Channel 3 (PR Trójka).

Scenariusz & Reżyseria: Katarzyna Gondek
Zdjęcia: Jarosław Piekarski
Montaż offline: Jagoda Chalcińska
Montaż online, postprodukcja: Jarosław Piekarski
Obsada (taniec i choreografia): Karolina Wyrwał (Polski Teatr Tańca w Poznaniu), Paweł Malicki (Polski Teatr Tańca w Poznaniu)

‘Minute Papillon’ cie Toula Limnaios

»… and chronos shovels… deeply human, with quiet and intense images, toula limnaios shows the transience of life. such a tremendous experience.

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