for Szczecin PhilharmonicOrkiestra Symfoniczna Filharmonii w Szczecinie

‘Bromba and the music’ is a performance created especially to meet the needs of the Philharmonic in Szczecin. Maciej Wojtyszko, who wrote the screenplay, is the creator of the cult stories about Bromba, which won the hearts of children and adults in the 1970s.

The show is an interactive journey into the world of music, during which apart from the Szczecin Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra, we will see for the first time on stage a crew of 40 dancers aged 9-15 selected during a casting.

The young dancers are accompanied by a professional acting crew and experienced music performance producers. Thanks to this and the perpetrations and rehearsals which began in June, the participants can master their dancing skills and gain onstage experience.

Szczecin artists also have their contribution in this project. Krzysztof Lubka (Kiosk Ruchu – Dance Theatre) and Karolina Wyrwał will be responsible for the choreography while the costumes and scenography are being prepared by Michał Szyksznian. Agata Kolasińska will become Bromba. She is known to young music lovers as DoNuta.

  • Piotr Moss – kompozytor
  • Maciej Wojtyszko – scenariusz
  • Adam Wojtyszko – reżyseria 
  • Krzysztof Lubka – choreografia
  • Karolina Wyrwal – choreografia
  • Michał Szyksznian – kostiumy, scenografia, oprawa graficzna
  • Kasia Pawłowska | Pani Pawlosky – wizualizacje 
  • Agata Kolasińska – Bromba
  • Maria Dąbrowska – Naczelnik Gżdaczy
  • Rafał Hajdukiewicz – Fikander
  • Adam Kuzycz-Berezowski – Pięczatkowiec
  • Diana Nawrotek – Pieczątkowiec

The performance “Bromba and the music” was commissioned by the Philharmonic in Szczecin. New adventures for Bromba, this time set in the Philharmonic’s building, will take audiences into the mysterious world of sounds. Many excellent artists have been invited to take part in this project. Maciej Wojtyszko is the author of the script. He is also the creator of the character of Bromba and writer of many other “Bromba and others” stories which have become a canon of boos for children and teenagers. Piotr Moss composed the music for the show. He is an established composer of theatre and film music. Bassem Akiki will conduct the Symphony Orchestra. He is one of the most talented conductors of the young generation, and is connected with the Polish National Opera in Warsaw on a daily basis. Maciej’s son Adam directs the show. Earlier, he staged Bromba at the 6th Floor Theatre in Warsaw.

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