BLACK & WHITE PROJECT ‘a pinch of white’ and ‘rough image’

live performance and video works: Ula Bernat & Karolina Wyrwal.

‘a pinch of white’
concept & choreography: Karolina Wyrwal
music compiling & manipulation: Paul Tinsley
cinematography: Jago VJ (Jagoda Chalcinska)
creation: Ula Bernat, Karolina Wyrwal
duration: 7min (Part 1) 8min (Part 2)


<Rough Image> – A short study into the external factors that affect how people act and behave. Inconsistencies between our personal inner beliefs and our actual public actions can be influenced by elements both within and beyond our control. These influences impact heavily on our behavior and change the way we conduct ourselves publicly, sometimes in complete contradiction to our indented beliefs.

Concept & Story by Karolina Wyrwal & Jagoda Chalcinska
Choeography by Karolina Wyrwal
Camera, Editing & Post Production by Jagoda Chalcinska
Music by Paul Tinsley (‘Heavy, Light, Heavy’) (
Dancers: Urszula Bernat-Jalocha & Karolina Wyrwal

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