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Since 2019, I have been collaborating with the talented Berlin-based electronic music artist BLACKPITCH. Our collaboration involves directing, choreographing, and producing award-winning art videos such as Divebomb, End Effect and Rolcall, which have been finalists in several film festivals. The team at BLACKPITCH comprises of highly skilled artists from the fields of electronic music, choreography, visual art, set, costume design, and stage performance.


Producer/ Concept / Choreography – Karolina Wyrwal

Performer – Marcin Motyl

Camera – Clemens Kahlke

Animation – Creative Arthur

divebomb‘ is the debut track from BLACKPITCH and was the start of the BLACKPITCH launch project. Whereby visual artists were invited to create a video to a BLACKPITCH track to mutually benefit both parties and create a sense of collaboration and collective creativity. 

The video was screened at MEXICO CITY VIDEODANCE FESTIVAL, ON ART Poland & Moscow Shorts. It won an Audience Choice Award at DMOFF (USA) and Best First Time Music Video Director at SWEDEN FILM AWARDS.



Producer/ Concept / Choreography – Karolina Wyrwal

Performer – Marcin Motyl

Videographer – Giacomo Corvaia

Costume design – Zofia Jakubiec

“Following the success of his last release “Divebomb”, BLACKPITCH returns with his new single/video “END EFFECT”. Speaking about the highly artistic, Karolina Wyrwal directed visual specifically” DCWS

An experimental, idm magnum opus with a jaw-dropping video inspired by our over usage of plastic. end effect. Last Day Deaf

The idea for the video was to create our own artistic document of personal plastic usage. Not a critique as such. More an acknowledgement of how damn useful plastic can be, how beautiful along with how permanent and problematic. We collected all our personal plastic for a 2 month period. We filled a room. It was a massive and sobering amount. We used most of it in the video.

The video was featured on Filmshortage, MusicVideoHype and it’s a part of an official selection of the LMVF 2021 London Music Video Awards. It also won various awards at international film festivals (Bucharest ShortCut CineFest, MP Film Award, ISTANBUL FILM AWARDS , Sweden Film Awards, Rome Independent Prisma Awards, PIMFF, ROLLOUT Dance Film Festival etc).



Producer/ Concept / Choreography / Set – Karolina Wyrwal

Performer – Elizaveta Polyakowa

Videographer – Giacomo Corvaia

Costume Design – Zofia Jakubiec

Rollcall is asking us to think about the world around us, to accept that it is confusing, that it is made up of various blurred, greying hues rather than the black and white which is often presented to us by media, advertising, politics…those with their own, often conflicting personal agenda.

..the grey areas that the magic happens, we find dark yins in bright yangs, we find mutually exclusive ideas nestled together like Russian dolls, we get to explore our own contradictory natures, to develop our own uniqueness. And from there, creativity and originality can blossom, from such seeds we can change the world, in small, almost imperceptible, ways, as part of a tsunami of small evolutionary changes, break-through ideas and forward-thinking developments. Dave Franklin

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