Music video for a new single ‘divebomb’ BLACKPITCH

Debut single from BLACKPITCH ‘divebomb’.

Producer/ Concept / Choreography – Karolina Wyrwal

Performer – Marcin Motyl

Camera – Clemens Kahlke

Animation – Creative Arthur

Costume Alterations – Klaus Bergmann

Special thanks to Maurizio Bergmann

‘divebomb’ is the debut track from BLACKPITCH and was the start of the BLACKPITCH launch project. Whereby visual artists were invited to create a video to a BLACKPITCH track to mutually benefit both parties and create a sense of collaboration and collective creativity. 

From there the draft for the first video was made and Dancer / Choregrapher Karolina Wyrwal took up the mantle, employing Videographer and Cameraman Clemens Kahlke and Dancer / Performer Marcin Motyl

The first part of the shoot was on a freezing cold day in January 2020 at various outdoor locations in Berlin. The second part was filmed in the several degrees warmer location of westudio in Berlin Lichtenberg. 

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