Karolina Wyrwał majored in Movement Studies at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance (1st Class BAHons in Contemporary Dance). Before making her way to the ‘real world’ she has taken part in the Dancer Development Program at the Laban Centre, London and the Hofesh Shechter Company Residency in Leeds, as well as a GaGa intensive led by Yoshifumi Inao and Noa Paran of Batsheva Dance Company at PTT. In 2012 she was a part of a shearing project lead by Maria Kong Dancers Company (Tel Aviv). She has collaborated with Berlin’s Thikwa Theater (“Oh mein Gott, wir hatten so viel Spaß!”) and Tanztheater Global (“Room with a View” and “Urban Delights”).

In 2008 she joined Polish Dance Theatre where she featured in many productions : Minus 2 (chor. Ohad Naharin), the B@ttle between Carnival and Lent (chor. Ewa Wycichowska), Wo-man in Tomatoes (chor. Yossi Berg), “Jesien – Nuembir” and “Barocco” (chor. Jacek Przybyłowicz), Summer – Red Sun (chor. Thierry Verger), Alexanderplatz and Desert (chor. Paulina Wycichowska) etc.

Karolina commissioned three full length pieces for the Polish Dance Theatre Atelier: Solo na Dwie Osoby (2009), The Outline (2010) and Double Trouble (2012). In 2013 she founded The Black & White Project – a collaboration with Urszula Bernat & Jago VJ – which resulted in two short video works: A pinch of white & Rough Image (awarded at the Athens Video Dance Project Festival, 2015). Unstable Matter (2014) was the first solo piece choreographed and performed by Karolina. In collaboration with Teatr Tanca KIOSK RUCHU she co-created (with Krzysztof Lubka) a full length duet Fin Amor (2015).

Since 2019 she’s closely collaborating with Berlins electronic music artist BLACKPITCH – directing, choreographing and producing music videos: divebomb & END EFFECT. Both works were award winners or finalists in various film festivals (PIMFF, Istanbul Film Awards, Prague Film Festival).

‘ PROSTA’ was a first program devised and curated for non professional dancers, culminating in a performance at the Polish Dance Theatre. The 18 participants attended 10 scheduled session at which they explored ideas, researched, attended workshops and rehearsed material giving them first hand experience of working in the professional dance world.

@cyan Cie Toula Limnaios

Karolina is also a contemporary dance teacher providing lessons for professional and non professional adults. Her classes mostly consist of Cunningham-based core strengthening exercises, focusing on bringing awareness to the body through technical fundamentals.

Since 2012 she’s working with cie Toula Limnaios in Berlin.

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