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Karolina Aleksandra


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a dancer (Karolina Wyrwal) in blue shorts, white tshirt and black boots is jumping in the air
a person - dancer (Karolina Wyrwal), laying on the ground surrounded by pink balls holding gray shopping bags

Since 2019, a collaboration with a Berlin-based electronic music artist as an artistic director, has led to creating award-winning art videos. The team includes expertise in electronic music, choreography, visual art, set design, costume design, and stage performance.

Art & Music Videos

a person sitting on top of a chair covered in paint and surrounded by black and white and gray cables, she is drinking paint from a coffee cup


Collaboration with electronic music artist as artistic director

Best Music Video MP Film Award 22'

Best Music Video Buenos Aires International Film 21'

Best Art Music Video Munich Music Video Awards 21'

OFF21 OFF Odense International Film Festival

Adience Choice Award, DMOFilm Festival 20'

Best First Time Director, Sweden FA 20'

28. Kurzfilmwoche Regensburg 22'

MENDING THE WORLD Artsitefest 21'

On Art - Poland 20'

artistic director. producer. concept. choreography: Karolina Wyrwal

music: Blackpitch

performers: Marcin Motyl, Elizaveta Polyakowa

videographer. edit. co-director: Giacomo Corvaia

camera: Clemens Kahlke (divebomb)

costume. set design – Zofia Jakubiec, Karolina Wyrwal

animation: Creative Arthur

make up. hair: Anna Veneta

a person with paint and bin bag on their body. a snapshot from a music video 'End Effect' by BLACKPITCH directed and produced by Karolina Wyrwal, DOP Giacomo Corvaia, Costume by Zofia Jakubiec, Starinng a dancer Marcin Motyl

An experimental, idm magnum opus with a jaw-dropping video inspired by our over usage of plastic. end effect. Last Day Deaf

"The strong points of the choreography are not only its dynamics and effortless flow, but also a large dose of humour and innovative play with space.."

- Jacek Sobczynski, Glos Wielkopolski




Overchoice (research project - site specific)

Fractal (installation performance)

choreography: Karolina Wyrwal

performance: Karolina Wyrwal, Marcin Motyl

music: Paul Tinsley

video: Giacomo Corvaia

30 min

two people / two dancers standing in front of a blue wall in a blue space holding a handbag. there is a sea of 'caviour' on the floor. its a snapshot from a choreography FLARCTAL by Karolina Wyrwal


Work in progress. Installation performance

a person / a dancer in a pink shorts and colourful shirt is standing on a gray surface holding 2 pink plastic balls


Artistic research scholarship. Arbeits-und Recherchestipendium, Berlin


Szczecin Philharmonic

Piotr Moss –composer

Maciej Wojtyszko – script

Adam Wojtyszko – director

Krzysztof Lubka – choreography

Karolina Wyrwal – choreography

Michał Szyksznian – costumes, set

40 young dancers

The show led the audience on an interactive ​journey into the world of music with the ​Szczecin Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra, ​conducted by Bassem Akiki from the Warsaw ​National Opera. On stage, a crew of 40 dancers ​aged 9-15, selected through casting, brought a ​fresh perspective to the performance. The ​educational musical presentation, "Bromba ​and Music," received funding from the Ministry ​of Culture and National Heritage and was ​specially crafted for the Szczecin Philharmonic.​



Unstable Matter (Solo)

Fin’ Amor (duet)

Teatr Tanca KIOSK RUCHU & 13Muz Gallery

choreography: Karolina Wyrwal

performance: Karolina Wyrwal, Krzysztof Lubka

music: Paul Tinsley

costumes: Michal Szyksznian

25 min

a person: Karolina Wyrwal in a push up position on a dark stage

Solo work

KIOSK RUCHU Dance Theatre

Polish Dance Theatre

choreography: Karolina Wyrwal

music: Paul Tinsley

set design and costumes: Zofia Jakubiec

25 min

7 dancers

Polish Dance Theatre

choreography: Karolina Wyrwał

scenography: Karolina Wyrwał

music: Paul Tinsley

25 min

3 dancers


director. edit. choreography: Karolina Wyrwal

music: Paul Tinsley

song: Impasse from ‘Orthodox’ EP

camera: Marcin Motyl

a person and another person sitting on a chair in front of a white brick wall

director. choreography. edit: Karolina Wyrwal

dancers: Karolina Wyrwal, Krzysztof Lubka

camera: Jacub Bessarab

costume: Michal Szyszknian

screenings: ScreenDance Festiva SE, Híbrido Festival Brasileiro de Videodança BR, FilmFest Rogue Dancer USA, On Art PL Redwood Film Festival USA

live performance and video works dramaturgical support

space scout



adancers performing on a stage with his alter ego shadow

concept. direction: Marcin Motyl

camera. editing: Kata Kwiatkowska

choreography. performance: Marcin Motyl

music: Paul Tinsley

dramaturgical support. space scout: Karolina Wyrwal



a dancer jumping in the air wearing a stripe suit



video art

work in progress

two people in red bodysuits are performing a dance. there are strings coming out of their fingers and their costumes that look like chewing gum
two dancers in an orange suit standing in front of a black wall. one dancer is sitting on the back of the other dancer
a neon sculpture of a person doing a yoga pose. there are luminating legs behind him

live performance and video works

rough image

concept. choreography: Karolina Wyrwal

music: Paul Tinsley

cinematography: Jagoda Chalcinska

creation: Ula Bernat, Karolina Wyrwal

a pinch of white

two dancers looking like twins but one has black hair and one has white hair

Karolina collaborated with renowned choreographers like Ohad Naharin, Shobana Jeyasingh, Jacek Przybylowicz, Vanessa Haska, Be van Vark. She performed with Polish Dance Theatre (2008-2012) and Berliner theatres: Cie Toula Limaios (2012-2023), Thikwa Theatre (2008) and Tanztheater Global.

selected works

a dancer with pink hair and green skirt is laying on the floor. REPLIKA a choreography by Cie Toula Limnaios performed by Karolina Wyrwal

Cie Toula Limnaios, 2020, Cyan

a dancer with eyes covered with tape is doing a backband on a dirt floor

Cie Toula Limnaios, 2019, D.Hartwig

a person in a pink hat is on top of another person in a bear costume

Cie Toula Limnaios, 2018-23, D.Hartwig

a picture of a person looking into a magnifing mirror with closed eyes

Cie Toula Limnaios, 2018, Film

a person and another person are in the air while another person is lying on the ground

Cie Toula Limnaios, 2016-23

dancer lying on the table and two other dancers moving her

Cie Toula Limnaios, 2017-18, D.Hartwig

a person in a black leotard with horns on their head

Cie Toula Limnaios, 2020-21

a person in a green dress is standing in front of a group of dancers and she is holding a knife

Cie Toula Limnaios, 2012-19

a person in a pink dress is being hold by another person.

Cie Toula Limnaios, 2012-14

a person and another person standing next to each otherand looking at ione another

Jesien Nuembir

chor. Jacek Przybylowicz, 2012

a person in a black dress standing in front of a plactic wall inside of her shadow

Cie Toula Limnaios, 2012-23

reaserch and residency showings


Exploratory Movement Research

Culture Moves Europe - Goethe Institut

Residency at Redsapata Kulturinitiative - Sonnenstein Loft

Linz, 2024




Interdisciplinary Residency

Dance, Visual Art & Sound Design

Center for Choreography Johann Kresnik Bleiburg/Pliberk, AU 2024



Shadow of a Person Dancing
a photo of two individuals in a dance class



Cunningham based contemporary technique class (1h 30)

An holistic approach to developing the body as an expressive instrument, ​focusing on dynamics, space and travel. The intense class stimulates the ​cardiovascular system by combining core strengthening Cunningham ​elements, resistance work and stamina exercises. Focus is also placed on the ​anatomy of movement, articulation of the body and it's own natural energy ​flow to promote efficient use of energy and breath. The class leads to ​developing the core as the central pivot of the body gives a dancer more body ​balance and therefore a better symmetry and control.

Body conditioning and awareness for dance (1h 30)

Motor movements specifically developed for dance. Learn to strengthen the ​body as a whole, with focus on developing correct muscles, body alignment ​and symmetry. Developing the core as the central pivot of the body gives a ​dancer more body balance and therefore a better symmetry and control.

Embodied ​Motion:

Embodied Motion: Exploring Space, Self, and Partnership (2h)

This class is centered around learning the significance of correct preparation ​and self-awareness, followed by their integration into partner-based ​activities.

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